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Glenn Holbrook

Glenn Holbrook

Roselle, IL


Welcome to Holbrook Art Productions.

> US NAVY – Glenn Holbrook's art talent was recognized when he was granted the opportunity to create his ship’s first newspaper. News bulletins, editorials, and cartoons he created resulted in requests to draw portraits of girlfriends and even their pets. Graphite pencil drawings of those requests were successful and pleased his shipmates. Glenn's passion for art kept growing and inspired him to keep learning.

>Honorable discharge from the Navy – Mr. Holbrook moved to Atlanta, Georgia for employment but also used the GI bill to enroll in the Atlanta Graphics Art school. He progressed to creating portraits and fantasy art using pastel chalk on illustration board. One of his biggest achievements was to create a wall size mural reproduction of Rivendale from Lord of the Rings.

> Marietta Art Gallery liked his art enough to request three of his best pieces to be displayed for sale in their art gallery. Although he did have offers for their purchase, he decided to take them with him to Chicago to be with his fiance.

>Chicago –After the marriage, he and his wife moved to the suburbs of Chicago where Mr. Holbrook worked for the Water Reclamation District. Besides having a regular job, he enrolled in the Schaumburg Graphics Art Institute. In addition to that, he also enrolled in the Schaumburg portrait art class and another class for watercolors. His education continued at Harper Junior College where he took post college graduate courses that incuded computer basics, Cobol software, and marketing.

>Art Business – Ambitious and eager to make his mark on the art world, he started his own mail-order art business called: Fantastic Fantasy. He sold art illustrated stories by incorporating a post office box. It was successful although he didn’t make as much money from it as he had hoped.

>Halloween art – Mr. Holbrook's favorite time of the year is the Autumn of October which encouraged him to create Halloween art for the fun of it. Once it appeared on the internet, he received contacts from others who had similar interests including a man named John Pelico of Killer Pumpkins. John liked his art and encouraged him to learn digital art like he used in photoshop.

>Digital Art –Upon retiring from the District, Mr. Holbrook bought an Apple Mac computer and a Wacom tablet so he could teach himself digital art. As a self-taught artist, he caught on fast and learned digital art techniques whereupon he created his own website called Twilight Art Zone and a new business name Holbrook Art Productions.

>Native American Indian art evolved as a higher plain that challenged his skills to improve his talents. He soon began to sell his art on Fine Art America and Cafepress. Each piece of artwork included a lot of research which blessed him with knowledge about his Native American ancestors included in his family tree.

>Oriental Art – Mr. Holbrook fell in love with oriental art for its beauty and because the philosophy of it taught him the value of meditation. On this journey he studied a great variety of flowers, trees, landscaping, and a different way of expressing art.

>Mr. Holbrook believes in a supreme power who inspires him onward to reach out and explore the many mansions God wants us to discover.


Beauty of the White Rose by Glenn Holbrook


HellFire Hot Rod by Glenn Holbrook


Playing with HellFire by Glenn Holbrook


Hot Rod of Haunted Hill by Glenn Holbrook


Hot Rod Terrifier by Glenn Holbrook


Banjo Playin' Bones by Glenn Holbrook


Bundle of Joy by Glenn Holbrook


LOVING PANDAS by Glenn Holbrook


Tiger Cub Learns to Roar by Glenn Holbrook


Tall Love From Above by Glenn Holbrook


Cockatoos of the Heart by Glenn Holbrook


Rip Roaring Werewolf by Glenn Holbrook


Red Hot Dragon Biker Babe by Glenn Holbrook


Heavy Metal Zombie Drummer by Glenn Holbrook


Eyes of the Tiger by Glenn Holbrook


THE HUNTER by Glenn Holbrook


The Guardian of the Rain Forest by Glenn Holbrook


The Roaring Lion King by Glenn Holbrook


King of the Jungle by Glenn Holbrook




Black Sails of the 7 Seas by Glenn Holbrook


WHERE BE THE TREASURE? by Glenn Holbrook






PIRATE SEA BATTLE by Glenn Holbrook


Porthole View of Breaching Whale by Glenn Holbrook


Dragon Genie by Glenn Holbrook


The Blue Ice Dragon by Glenn Holbrook


Red Dragon Terrifier by Glenn Holbrook


Arctic Ice Dragon by Glenn Holbrook


Mystical Ice Dragon by Glenn Holbrook


Magical Dragon Lamp by Glenn Holbrook


Red Dragon's Treasure Chest by Glenn Holbrook


Red Hot Rider by Glenn Holbrook


The Temptress by Glenn Holbrook


Foxy Jungle Wrestlers by Glenn Holbrook


Free Spirits by Glenn Holbrook


INDIAN FOREVER by Glenn Holbrook


Enchanted Jungle Rider by Glenn Holbrook


SERENITY by Glenn Holbrook


Summer Country Cottage by Glenn Holbrook


Autumn Country Cottage by Glenn Holbrook


Winter Country Cottage by Glenn Holbrook


Mark Twain on the Mississippi by Glenn Holbrook


Mystical Sagittarius by Glenn Holbrook


Native American Sagittarius by Glenn Holbrook


Pirates Treasure Cave by Glenn Holbrook


Enter If You Dare by Glenn Holbrook